A software developer

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and many soft skills looking for a job.

“I tore myself away from the safe comfort of certainties through my love for truth - and truth rewarded me.”
Simone de Beauvoir

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A few things about me

about me

I'm happy to answer any further questions in the context of a job interview.

My name is Dr. Ádám Porkoláb.

I was born on 24.09.1988. in Salgótarján, Hungary. I studied at the Stromfeld Aurél Secondary Technical School of Mechanical Engineering, Construction, and Computer Science (known as "GT") in Salgótarján, where I attended a class specializing in Informatics where I got acquainted with both the theory and practice of programming. I am married and have a baby son.

After finishing secondary school, I shelved programming for years, as I obtained an MA degree in teaching Hungarian and History at the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Pécs. Following my graduation I worked for six years as a teacher and lecturer: from primary school to university I've taught about 500-600 pupils and students. Then, after a long hiatus, I started dealing with analyzing and processing data again in 2013.

The road to switching careers

I started to regain interest in informatics in 2013, while I still wanted to further develop my knowledge of linguistics, so I obtained a 96% "summa cum laude" doctoral qualification in digital linguistics in 2018. In my dissertation I analyzed a corpus of blog posts totalling 244 thousand words using my own methodology, practically completing the first ever piece of such research in Hungary. Researching and teaching at the university wasn't very attractive to me, but I continued to teach while still feeling that computer science is my way forward.

The book based on my doctoral dissertation can be accessed via this link.

How have I become a programmer?

I loved teamwork, I maintained a good relationship with my fellow teachers and my students, I administered the final examination in History of about 80-90 students, but when I learned that I am going to be the father of my son, Frigyes, it became apparent to me that my profession as a teacher is unappreciated and underpaid.

I started a course in Software development with OKTÁV PLC, which I completed in September 2020. I wrote my final program, a retro text-based adventure game, in Java. Owing to my maximalism, I felt a drive to further deepen my knowledge, so in early January 2021 I enrolled in the online course of StudiCore Ltd in Java programming.

What softwares and development principles do I know and use?

Software principles:

 - Object-oriented programming(OOP) 

 - Test-driven development (TDD) 

 - Clean Code-principles(still learning) 

 - S.O.L.I.D.-principles 

 - Scrum agile framework (essential knowledge)  

Web development technologies: 

 - HTML5 

 - CSS3 

 - Bootstrap 

 - MySQL (still learning) 

Version-control system: 

 - Git 

 Java-specific technologies:

- Java SE8 

 - Java Swing 

 - JUnit 

 - Maven (still learning)


 - NetBeans (mainly) 

 - Microsoft Visual Code 

 - Eclipse 

Other statistical softwares with which I am familiar:

 - IBM SPSS Statistics 


Why am I a good choice?

I'm characterized by precision and maximalism. I learn quickly and easily: I'm always open to professional development and acquiring new knowledge. I have excellenet written and oral communication skills: I have an advanced level certificate in English (C1, mostly active knowledge) and an intermediate certificate in German (B2 level, passive, used infrequently). My personality traits also include openness, the ability to follow rules and to cooperate. I'm capable of thinking abstractly and analyzing data.

I get on well with others: as a researcher I've gotten used to solitary individual work and teamwork as well. I'm looking for a workplace where I can feel at home.

Advantages of working with me

Why choose me?

Completed Java exercises (approx.)
Hours spent learning Java (and counting...)
Cups of coffee drunk while learning
Willingness to work (infinite)

About a few of my hobby projects

My hobby projects

In this section I wish to introduce some of my professional projects

In this section I demonstrate some Java programs completed as practice.
I introduce some features of the Java adventure game I wrote for the software developer NQR course.
Some thoughts about my future plans.

My contact details can be found at the bottom of the page.

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