Java exercises

Some of my exercise programs written while learning Java

  Link to my GitHub page

Purpose of these programs 

The purpose of the programs found on my GitHub page is not entertainment, they were published only for documenting my learning process and honing my programming skills (and of course for my own personal development).  

As my knowledge of Java improved, many of earlier solutions seemed out of date and rough, but I have no qualms about how far I managed to get with perseverance and the help of "a few" online course materials. 

So please look at these little programs as parts and reflections of a developmental process.

Thank you for your understanding. 

Functions of the practice programs

Thanks to the diverse range of exercises offered by StudiCore, during the months devoted to learning Java only - apart many others - I wrote a tic-tac-toe game, programs simulating digital clocks, JUnit tests, and programs "drawing" both simple and more complex shapes.  

Repository of the programs

Due to the diversity and wide range of different programs I made, I don't wish to present each and every one of them individually on my page.

I uploaded those programs that I felt to have turned out the best to my GitHub page.