My future plans


General, short-term goals

In my experience as a scientific researcher, if you don't plan ahead then you cannot do your job with maximum effort. 

Of course my most important goal is to make good use of the knowledge I gather in the past years in a workplace that offers financial stability. My immediate goal would natuarlly be to fit in and get up to speed in my future workplace.

In my current state (being inbetween careers) I don't have the safety of the beaten path ahead of me. I am certain that I will keep my knowledge of Java up to date, just like I did as a teacher and as a linguist.

As a software developer just starting his career, I would only like to ask you, as my potential employer, to give me a chance to prove my worth and allow me to demonstrate that I am capable of developing and that I can contribute to your company's success with my work. 

I am getting more and more interested in agile software development and I can identify with the principles of the scrum framework. I would like to become a scrum master, because being a mediator was an essential part of my job as a teacher. Working with others and coordinating their work would be something that I have done before as a teacher.     

Medium-term (1-3 years) plans

Besides learning the Java programming language and acquiring specialized knowledge, I will need to choose a direction within Java software development that I can do with maximum effort at a high level. Currently I do not have an answer for this question yet.    

I've always wanted to get more deeply into a version of the C programming language: my future plans include to learn either C# or C++ (as a hobby).

While preparing for my examination I learned the basics of Python, and I really grew fond of the language with its freedom and unconventional solutions (for example that variable can be declared in various ways). I would like to broaden my knowledge and try out programming in Python too.

Long-term (3-5 years) plans

Going through the medior, senior and expert ranks I would also like to get acquainted with architect work too.

Hopefully by this time I will have acquired all the Java SE and Java EE qualifications of Oracle. 

On the basis of my professional experience and interdisciplinary knowledge (pedagogy, linguistics, etc.) I would like to write an easy to understand but professional reference book for career changers and beginners just getting to know programming in Java.